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Our flagship Spark-Up programme enables business leaders to benefit from working with us over a longer timeframe. Featuring twice-monthly sessions and quarterly strategy sessions, we'll be alongside you every step of the way as you look to scale-up your business.

With a 20-year track record of founding, leading, and consulting on successful businesses, we'll use our experience and expertise to “get you to the good stuff”.

What does that mean? It means providing clarity, eradicating recurring pain points, and creating a more rewarding way of running your business. We'll put a plan in place that will grant you the freedom to get back to doing what you love to do, and less of the stuff you really don't.

Forget what you may have experienced with business coaches or consultants in the past. At Spark Gold, we're not interested in producing 500-page business reviews that end up at the bottom of a drawer. Nor do we clock off once our workshops are over. We know that, no matter how productive strategy sessions can be, implementing change is a different challenge entirely.

It's why, as part of the Spark-Up Programme, we'll stick around to help you enact the action plan that we've devised together, and make real change happen. It's time to grow and transform your business, and here's how we'll do it.

Getting to the Gold

To begin with, we'll assess your businesses scalability with an initial 90-minute workshop that we've niftily called Getting to the Gold. We'll assess the health of your business by using our trusted 5 Key Pillars model, as we aim to unearth the previously unmined gold within your business, and yourself.

Out Getting to the Gold workshop will form the basis of a growth scorecard and business report, from which an actionable plan will emerge. This will be geared towards a clear definition of success – as decided by you. We'll highlight the areas of the business that you should prioritise and focus on, and outline to the immediate next steps in order to get you started.

Ongoing Coaching & Support

With a sense of clarity emerging and a defined path ahead, we'll continue together with regular 60-minute coaching sessions. We suggest two sessions per month plus a quarterly strategy session, but you're welcome to tailor this frequency to your preferences.

We'll also provide ongoing support by email, while you'll be given access to a bank of existing materials including proven exercises and frameworks.

The Spark Gold Method

As a business leader, it can often be hard to see through the fog. Thankfully, the Spark Gold method comes with extra bright headlights. Specifically designed to hone the action plan that get you doing more of the work you love to do, our method diagnoses the pain points, addresses your frustrations, and refocuses your vision. The result is a more rewarding and productive way to run your business. We get there with using our 5 Key Pillars:


Vision & Values

Our first step is to ensure you have 100% clarity on where you're going – from bold ambitions for growth, to team sizes and financial targets. We'll help you get clear on where your heading, so we can help you scale the business you want to build.



Your business' positioning is key to identifying your opportunities and identifying areas for growth. It's the place you can own your market and help you stand out from the noise. The clearer you are on your positioning, and what you stand for, the easier it is to attract the right kind of clients, and staff.


Products & Services

We'll work to build on your existing core product or service, map out the client journey, address any bumps along that road, and make sure you have the right services to keep clients coming back again, and again.


Process & Systems

Whether it's marketing, delivery, finance, or development, at this stage we identify the internal and external systems required to make your business more productive. This is all about efficiency, and making the best use of your (and your team's) time. We'll then come up with an action plan to make sure you're doing more of the good stuff.



Getting the right people in the right places, doing it to the best of their abilities. We'll review your existing teams' skills and strengths to identify gaps, defining job roles for your current team and future recruits. Crucially, we'll discover the many roles you as business leader are no doubt currently doing. This is all about performance and productivity. Ensuring your team delivers to the high standards you've worked so hard to build.

Spark Gold


Permeating every pore of the 5 Key Pillars will be the subject of your leadership – taking you from specialist to CEO. We'll focus on your priorities and hopes for growth. You've become brilliant at what you do but most business owners rarely get the support they need to become great business leaders. We'll work on improving communication, strategic thinking, delegation, managing change, boosting productivity, and – something business leaders aren't always great at – prioritising themselves.