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Our Breakthrough session is a shorter, but more intensive time than our One-to-One coaching and Spark-Up programme. This laser-focused one-off session will focus on one or two of those big areas that have you feeling stuck and going round in circles.

We'll identify what the things are that have been holding you back, gain clarity and clear a path forward. By the end of the four-hour session, you'll come away with a clear action plan, a renewed focus and feeling re-energised and excited about the way ahead.

Define What You Want

We'll begin by defining what you want from the session. It might be that you want to address a particular opportunity or issue in the business, or it may be that you wish to refocus your vision and redefine your business goals.

Whatever it is you're looking to achieve, we'll use our tried and trusted methods to identify issues and obstacles, and outline your areas for growth.

At the end of the session, you'll have developed a clear path forward. You'll feel focused, re-energised and motivated about the next steps.

It's called "getting to the good stuff". And we'll get you there in just four hours.

Spark Gold

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We offer business coaching and consultancy for established small-mid tier business owners who are specialists in their field, but who may be struggling to see a clear path forward. If you're a specialist leader or founder yearning for the freedom that comes with more time, more money, and less stress, then get in touch today to discover more profitable, rewarding, and enjoyable ways to run your business.