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I've got a great idea for the business - what now?

Many business owners are brilliant visionaries.   

They can 'see' things far into the future and are often incredible at coming up with new, innovative and exciting ideas.   

Ideas can come thick and fast. 

Last week; a new product idea, two weeks ago; a new event.     

To have so many ideas is a super-strength. 

And to be a visionary leader is a super power.   

They can be key roles in a business and it's a super power that should be nurtured, developed and encouraged.   

But as with any super power, it comes with responsibility...  

What happens when each week we sit down with our teams and share the latest and best thinking around our ideas?   

Each time your ideas are shared with excitement and enthusiasm.  But sometimes they're not always met with the same level of energy and excitement.  

Why don't the team seem to share your passion and enthusiasm for your latest idea?  

All of your ideas could have huge potential.  

But it can be hard (and sometimes confusing) for a team to know which one of your ideas to prioritise.  

Where to focus their time this week? 

Especially if the latest idea is different from the great one last month or even last week.   

When the goal posts are constantly shifting, it can be difficult to know which one is most critical for business success. Put all your efforts into starting this new project or finishing the one that previously had to be launched by the end of the month?  

So, what do you do with your great new idea? 

1. Capture it 

Jot it down in a notebook. Sketch it out on a pad. Save it in Evernote

Anywhere that works for you but make sure it's captured somewhere. 

2. Create an execution plan  

Develop a plan for how you'd take your idea from concept to execution.  

One of the reasons business ideas often fail is that we jump straight from idea to implementation without having mapped out how it'll work in the real world.   

So, when we hit implementation we stumble across obstacles that can halt the project or even stop it in its tracks completely.  

3. Share your idea with someone   

Preferably no more than 2-3 people at this stage. 

Talk it through with your business partner, COO, right hand person, mentor or old colleague.  

But try not to share it with your whole team just yet. 

If you find yourself talking about the same idea 3 or 4 times, then it's likely to be one that's got legs! 

Once you've fleshed out the rollout plan in some detail, then it's time to share with the team.  

That way, your team will be able to stay focussed on the business critical work and meet you with the same level of excitement you have when those new ideas come along.

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